Clamp Ceiling


Decibel AB

Object Name
Object ID
Clamp Ceiling 60
Evaluated Characteristics
Mounting Conditions
Free Hanging
0.018 m3
Dimensions (LxHxW mm)
Object Type
Ceiling Absorbent
Andrea Weitz & Jens Wendland
Short Information

Clamp is a series of sound absorbers for walls, ceilings and floor-mounting. It owes its name to the bracket or clamp that hold the sound-absorbing panel in place.

With a choice of 400 RAL colours, different fabrics and surface coverings, and panels that come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the opportunities for creating unique settings are almost endless.     



Clamp Ceiling 60 is measured with the number of 7 objects.

Clamp Ceiling 60 is measured with the number of 5 objects.

Measurement reports
Absorption MeasurementGraph
Equivalent Sound Absorption Area (m2 Sabine)/ Unit
N10 = 22.2