Interior acoustics

Suitable interior acoustics improves all persons' productivity, well-being and health. It is thus vital to achieve good interior acoustics in virtually all rooms. The final interior acoustics in a room is dependent on both the acoustic characteristics of the room and on the furniture. To only set requirements on the room itself is thus not sufficient, more work is needed.

It is important to plan the interior acoustics in your building project at an early stage. The earlier the better, since the acoustic planning can affect the building plan. However, much can be done in an existing room as well, e g choosing an optimised furniture setting and/or choosing the right furniture and products. Our skilled experts in interior acoustics can help you in an efficient way in every stage of building and furnishing a room or space.

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Auralization and VR

Let us help you predict the future!

With our advance calulation tools (Auralization) we can help you predict how the sound environment in your project is going to be, already in the planning stages. You as a client will be able to listen how the room is going to behave.

This will help to make cost effective decisions and make sure the end result will be as planned. 

Auralization in combination with Virtual Reality makes a powerfull tool. We can create web based interactive models where you can walk around, listen and interact with the buliding you are planning to build. The better understanding you have of the building you're planning to build the better the result. 

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Product development

We can help you create a competitive edge for your products.

We follow the product development all the way to its completion, verifying that the product’s sound performance meets the specified criteria. Our know-how will keep you away from costly mistakes. 

Acousticfacts has the knowledge and experience to help you define today’s limits and tomorrow’s possibilities. 

At acousticfacts we strive to work in close contact with our clients. You can hire our highly experienced acoustics experts to help you create products for a better sound environment. 

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Seminars and COURSES

Interior acoustics

Acousticfacts regularly runs a basic interior acoustics courses for all levels of your staff, including managers, product designers and marketing people. We can also tailor-make courses and seminars.

Basic acoustic knowledge has proven to be one of the best shortcuts to an optimized product design and a better sound environmnet.

What products should i use? has made the process of buying the right products easier, giving you the chanse to compare the products acoustic preformances.

But acoustics is a complex field and there is alot of dos and don'ts. We have tailor made a course that goes thru what you should think about before you buy a product and how you use acousticfacts tools to your best advantage. The goal is to help you  create a sustainable sound environment in offices, schools, public spaces etc. 

Building acoustics

To be sure that you will achieve a good sound environment in schools, residential buildings and public spaces etc. you need to think about the acoustics early on in the building process. 

In this course we go thru the dos and don´ts and teach you about the basics of building acoustics. Here you also have the opportunity to ask questions to our acoustics experts.

By knowing more about building acoustics you can avoid costly mistakes early on in your development.


All of our courses and seminars is held in English, French or in Swedish. They can also be tailor made for your needs. For inquiries please email us.   


Building acoustics

Our architectural acoustic experts helps our clients through the entire development of a building, from early planning to the finished building. 

The earlier we get involved in a project the better. Then we can help you avoid costly mistakes.

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