Before you buy products

Before you purchase interior products,

make sure they have the requested acoustic quality. They should fit into the room in which they are aimed for.

Different rooms have different requirements which also imply that the products should harmonize with the room in terms of acoustics.

Some evaluated products in are small.

This is not the same as if they are bad sound absorbers. Normally it means that they are aimed to be assembled together. You decide the number of products and the sound absorption increases as the area increases.

The flexibility in gives you a lot of opportunities to design your room as you want it with the right numbers of sound absorbers. This feature is only available for registerd users. 

Indication calculation

As a registerd user you have access to some usefull tools. Let help you calculate an indication of how many products you need to get a good sound environment in you rooms.

Once you reached your choosen target you can print out a report of the room and use it as support when you are going to buy products.  

We provide proposals

for text in inquiries to support you prior to purchase any products – do it right and make sure that the offers from the producer is according to your expectations!

We can provide text proposals in Swedish, English, French and German. 

If you have any questions or need help feel free to email us.